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January 26th – It is that day again, travel day – time to return to Tanzania – about 30 hours door to door – wee bit of a soggy start ! First to Calgary to meet up with my sister, Shirley- the official accountant, photographer and sous chef on this trip.


Balance for the Better is the slogan for 2019 International Women’s Day. The project women, my sisters, do about 80% of the household chores in comparison to their male companions. Yet they all agree to do more, to take on running a business through the project. Digging deeper – Kazi Sana (Caw-zee San-ah) hard work […]


This short video lets Vicky describe for you how she started with the project and where she is now. (v-log 1 min 54 secs) It is an important lesson about managing risk by diversification. She is one smart business woman (selling turkeys to the ex-pats at Thanksgiving! Smart) A great leader and example for the […]

Meet Miriam Exaud, female entrepreneur. Miriam lives in the village of Materuni (Matt-er-roon-knee) with her children. She is rare amongst her Project peers because she is the only person out of 20 in Groups D &E who has chosen to farm potatoes and beans. All 19 other group members are pig farmers in Materuni. What […]