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While out on tour this week in the village of Sango, I was asked if I wanted to meet Praxseda’s mother. Of course! I never want to miss an opportunity to meet an elder. I am escorted to the back of a simple brick building to find these two old gals. Both in their 90’s […]

Originally published in the 2016 Project Brochure – see her update below  Rosemary is in her 60’s. She is a widow. When she joined the project in 2012, she lived in a one room home with little to no income. She lacked enthusiasm for her new chicken business. In the coming year, her business reflected […]

January 2016 The corn on the cob is a little bit sweet and a little bit tough, the orange tinge comes from the spices it has been cooked in. Knowing it is a welcome gift makes it taste like the best corn in the world. I am eating away while sitting on a simple wood […]

(Group A Above: Frieda, Elizabeth, Regina, Vicky, Nashieli, Spora) We are sitting on plastic Coke-cola chairs at a simple restaurant. The ‘building’ is a cement pad, a few sheets of corrugated metal on posts to make a roof but no walls. What looks like an old shipping container with windows and door cut-out is now […]