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Originally published in the 2016 Project Brochure – see her update below  Rosemary is in her 60’s. She is a widow. When she joined the project in 2012, she lived in a one room home with little to no income. She lacked enthusiasm for her new chicken business. In the coming year, her business reflected […]

January 2016 The corn on the cob is a little bit sweet and a little bit tough, the orange tinge comes from the spices it has been cooked in. Knowing it is a welcome gift makes it taste like the best corn in the world. I am eating away while sitting on a simple wood […]

(Group A Above: Frieda, Elizabeth, Regina, Vicky, Nashieli, Spora) We are sitting on plastic Coke-cola chairs at a simple restaurant. The ‘building’ is a cement pad, a few sheets of corrugated metal on posts to make a roof but no walls. What looks like an old shipping container with windows and door cut-out is now […]

As many of you know, the United Nations declared seventeen new goals for the world. Called the Sustainable Development Goals – 17 Goals to Transform the World with a 2030 end date. From “On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable […]

Hey, only have a minute?…scroll down to look at the pictures. Sure to make you smile. The women are gathered around the living room. It kept threatening rain so we thought it best to move our lunch inside. They are sitting up against the walls, on the floor, on the steps and any seat available. […]