Group D – Materuni

Group D is proof that the power of the project lies in the bond between the women. They are an impressive force to work with, well organized, attentive and on track with their projects.

They live in our new village, Materuni (Maht-a-roon-ee). The village is high up the side of Kilimanjaro surrounded by lush greenery like banana trees and grasses. The earth is a rich red colour. The road up, a bit of an adventure that becomes dangerous for vehicles in the rainy season. While worth the drive though to see the city of Moshe below.

We welcomed Group D in 2016. Ten dedicated women who are progressing well. Although early on in their work, they are thinking clearly about what needs to be done to grow and strengthen their businesses.

The village is known for its pork production. Those lush grasses mean that the meat producing animals have the best diet and rely on few grains to grow to full size or to reproduce. Of the 10 women in Materuni who make up Group D, only one is a field farmer with potatoes and beans, the rest are pig farmers.

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