We offer annual sponsorships for a limited number of women.


The sponsorships are intended to help the most vulnerable women to stablize their income while their businesses grow. Without a sponsorship, a woman may have to make a dire yet important decision such as selling or killing off her animals to pay for food or school fees. Thus ending the business for the short term crisis.

Sponsorships are $200 a year

In some cases, a sponsorship has been offered to a women who has had a major change in their personal circumstances. Due to a lack of any social safety net in Tanzania, even minor changes such as caring for a sick family member can quickly change a family’s financial situation.

Our Sponsorship Rules 

The sponsorships are only permitted for one year.  Sponsors are then matched to the donors. After one year, the group decides again who amongst them will receive a sponsorship for the next year.

During the year of a sponsorship, a woman must keep her business records up to date in order to receive one of the payments. They are presented for inspection to one of the coordinators. This helps to ensure that the business is the focus of their efforts.

The women don’t receive all the funds at once because in their context, it is a lot of money. Far more than most of the women have had at one time in their lives.

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