Meet Miriam & Her Kids

Meet Miriam Exaud, female entrepreneur.

Miriam lives in the village of Materuni (Matt-er-roon-knee) with her children. She is rare amongst her Project peers because she is the only person out of 20 in Groups D &E who has chosen to farm potatoes and beans. All 19 other group members are pig farmers in Materuni.

What I love most about Miriam is her joyous nature which really shines through with her children. In the early afternoon, her two youngest get out of school. They walk over to join us under the roof of the little tin lean-to that is our meeting space.

They take great delight in playing shy yet curious with me.  Often running up to dare to touch me before running away. Eventually having tamed their fear enough to pose with me for a photo.

What they probably don’t know is that since 2016 Miriam has been disciplined and dedicated with her business loan. She has paid back 51% of the original 500,000 Tanzanian Shillings. That is a very good pace for loan repayment.

Thanks Miriam! You have a bright and secure future ahead for you and the children.


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