Vicky, Yes…ABBA, Not so Much!

It is truly my pleasure to introduce you to Vicky. She is one amazing woman. Passionate and driven to create a better life for herself and for the women.

In this first video she is  a bit camera shy.  She gets over it though. There are two more short videos about her in the coming days.

She is the project’s coordinator on the ground in Tanzania. She works part-time for the project as the ambassador, translator, coordinator, coach and mentor. I would be lost without her.

Since she is quite gracious and humble so I will boast about her amazing commitments.

She works full-time with a program that rehabilitates sex trade workers from the streets of Moshi.

She has taken in 14 children over the years. Each one raised without government support. And each offered post secondary education. All while she also supports her elderly mother in a mountain village.

There are two children left in the household right now, she says that is it! No more kids to take in. Time for her.

She taught herself English. She sews to make extra money. She is saving money to buy her first car. She also likes Zoomba!

Her property is like a forest which has taken several years to create from the once barren plot. She experiments with different animal species and farming methods so that she can share this knowledge with the Project women.

Told you she was amazing.




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  1. Sadly I couldn’t get sound, either on my iPad or Samsung phone. And my sound is working on both. Just thought you might like to know.

    Hugs Christine Koblic

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