That is the hashtag for 2020’s International Women’s Day. #eachforequal Spending time each year in Tanzania working on a project that builds up women is the best work I could do. Cheers to all of the women in the Bridge to Africa Project, you teach me love, kindness and patience well you strive for a […]

You met Joyce before in her white denim jacket. She is a dedicated entrepreneur in the village of Materuni. She is wearing her Bridge to Africa t-shirt with pride. It was a gift for paying her loan off in full in 2019. Thanks Joyce for your hard work and commitment to your business.

There is much to celebrate in the village of Materuni. The news is that two more women, Witness and Madrona paid off their loans in full. Oh yeah! That is the goal. (Witness is the back row  far right. Madrona is kneeling in front fourth from left) Their story is a beautiful one of support […]


Could you imagine giving your neighbor your new car? Well, Frieda did the Tanzanian equivalent to this. She has raised up her small farm to the point where she felt it was important to give away a young calf to one of her neighbours. Here that is the income equivalent of giving away a new […]

Each trip, one of our first activities is to gather for a meal, the annual Bridge to Africa Project Celebration Lunch. We bring together as many women as possible, this year 27 of the 40. And of course, this year for the first time a member of my family made the journey, my sister, Shirley. […]

While old faithful here has been through a lot with me. Thousands of miles and a dozen countries over 13 years. Now not so white, a little ripped here and there so time to retire it. And most important of all, riding around just under the right pocket flap was always a little angel pin. […]

January 26th – It is that day again, travel day – time to return to Tanzania – about 30 hours door to door – wee bit of a soggy start ! First to Calgary to meet up with my sister, Shirley- the official accountant, photographer and sous chef on this trip.