Kindness on Two Continents

There is much to celebrate in the village of Materuni.

Materuni’s Women including Group D

The news is that two more women, Witness and Madrona paid off their loans in full. Oh yeah! That is the goal. (Witness is the back row  far right. Madrona is kneeling in front fourth from left)

Their story is a beautiful one of support and kindness on two continents.

A couple of years ago, my high school friend messaged me while I was in Tanzania. She said her late husband, Brian always admired my project. Could she donate money in his name?

The next day, the generous offer found a specific purpose.

The Materuni women had invited two more women to the village meeting. My women considered them the poorest of the poor.

Witness and Madrona sat looking at the ground. Their stories were dire indeed.
We agreed that in Brian’s name we would grant 50% of the businesses. The women would owe the other 50%. This insulated them from the struggle of initial start-up, thus the businesses were less vulnerable.

These two women became, Brian’s women.

Well, Brian, they did ya proud! Their loans are paid off in full.

Materuni, you make me so proud. You are a driven and cohesive group with strong leadership. Thank you for your on-going hard work.

Kazi Sana ~ Faraja ~ Harambee – Hard work, hope and pulling together!

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