Cars Like Cows

Could you imagine giving your neighbor your new car?

Well, Frieda did the Tanzanian equivalent to this.

Frieda 2020
Frieda at the Celebration Lunch. So gracious and obviously happy.

She has raised up her small farm to the point where she felt it was important to give away a young calf to one of her neighbours. Here that is the income equivalent of giving away a new car.

Frieda is so extraordinarily gracious and kind. Over 10 years, she has raised herself and her children up from dire poverty by working her chicken business. Adding in small items being resold in the village like soap. Finally, she bought her first cow (and named it Shannan). Now, her cows  giving plenty of milk and reproducing to the point where she felt it was Ok to give away a calf.

Thanks Frieda for paying it forward. I appreciate your quiet leadership in the group.

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