Thermal Tights, Security Shorts & that Denim Jacket!

Joyce 2020 White Denim
Joyce was very proud to wear her new to her white denim jacket.

Well, who knew?! The last minute idea to bring over gently used women’s clothing turned out to be such a big hit. Thanks everyone who contributed.

At the celebration lunch, we distributed the clothes. And as always a chance for me to learn something more about how the people here think and act.

But first, look at Joyce rocking out in her new white denim jacket! She got lots of cheers when she strutted about it in.

Now for the lessons. Skin tight clothes are not the norm for women in the rural areas, they are fairly modest. This meant that all the tights in the donations were taken as something to wear on cold mornings under their skirts. Ah! (cold by the way is about 25 degrees Celsius).

What about those short shorts? They loved them. They want to wear them under their skirts as the pockets offer a chance to hide cellphones and money. They are like a layer of security clothing under their skirts. Who could have guessed that one? Anyone?


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