Delayed But Not Down!

At this time of year, I am normally packing my bags (100 lbs or more), winding up work, checking electronics and eating the last of the food in the fridge. All to get me on the 35+ hours of flights to Kilimanjaro International where the welcoming hugs and the sun are warm.

Due to a bout of pneumonia and some fascinating side symptoms that kept me on the ‘down-low’ for the end of 2017, I will delay the trip.

First, I am fine now. I am returning to my usual energy levels with a renewed respect for my need to keep excellent health. Many thanks to those who crossed my path and provided support. My company Cermaq Canada was lovely through all of this. Thank you, too for the respect, patience and understanding.

Second, the women and project are fine. they are being monitored by Vicky on the ground in Tanzania. A financial report is due at the end of this month from her about the progress being made by the five groups.

If my work life permits I will reset my annual trip to the late fall/early winter. That might be a better time to visit logistically as well since the Christmas season and post Christmas season are a bit hectic for all.

My cousin Deg plus two travel companions will be heading to Africa for an extended vacation. The three of them will meet up with my Tanzanian son, Alfred, pick up Vicky and head to the village of Materuni for the day. Although sad to not be there with them, they will have an excellent adventure on the hillside of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Good health to all of you. Off to get in a workout! Eat your veggies.

Shannan aka Mama Freddie!

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