Dada Kwa Dada (Sister for Sister)

I am pulled over to side of the road in my car. It is raining and cold on this winter day in Canada. My sister is on the phone from Alberta. She is explaining that the donation from IBM of a new computer didn’t come in (one of the downfalls of not having charitable status for my project).

She is not letting that stop her. She has decided that her contribution to my project this year will be a brand new fully loaded Lenova Thinkpad computer for Vicky in Tanzania. Her gift. I am stunned and so thankful that I start to cry.

Half way around the world in Tanzania, Vicky has been struggling to keep up since her used laptop died earlier this year. These are the kinds of expenses the little project just can’t bare on its own.

Knowing that this generous gift will keep Vicky connected not only to me but to the outside world for all aspects of our work should never be understated. To have brand new equipment means fewer obstacles to communications, information that is relevant available via the Internet and accurate reporting as she fills in electronic reports back to me. And many years until we need to think about this big expense again.

When I arrived in Tanzania in February, Vicky’s new laptop was unpacked from my hand luggage (too risky to have it in the checked baggage). It was the first thing we wanted to share with each other.

Watching the look on her face as she opened it and turned it on. An honest and child like ‘ Whoa!’ was spoken.


Thanks sis. You have put an amazing tool in the hands of one of Tanzania’s best and brightest, my African sister, Vicky. 

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  1. And Vicky has not disappointed. After a short lesson about Google Drive we are now file sharing across the world. Financial data is available to me after meetings as she has time to connect. Of course electricity and Internet connection permitting. 🙂


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