Travel Gadget of the Week – All in One Adapter

Oh this is something you have got to get…be gone the days of the chunky electrical adapter with all the accessories to carry around. Most of them let you charge one device at a time.

Be hold the adapter with the built in plugs that fit most electrical systems in the world. And what makes it even better is the two USB compatible devices and wall plug for three devices at once. Yes, that is three devices at once! 

Simply slide out the prongs that match the wall outlet. They lock into place. Plug in any electrical device on the front face or two USB power devices on the bottom. Notice how the front facing outlet is designed for universal electrical plug, too. 

You can easily use it in North America, too. Simply choose the two prongs that match that power supply then you have the ability to charge three items at once in Canada or the US.


But wait until next week when I show you how to really make it maximize your plug-ins with a gadget that looks like Medusa’s hair!

In the meantime…think about the convenience of this block style plug in for your national or international travel. There are several different companies selling various models. This one was a clear winner for me with the two USB ports. Source:



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