Balance for the Better

Balance for the Better is the slogan for 2019 International Women’s Day.

DSC00642The project women, my sisters, do about 80% of the household chores in comparison to their male companions.

Yet they all agree to do more, to take on running a business through the project. Digging deeper – Kazi Sana (Caw-zee San-ah) hard work is required to build and maintain it.  This isn’t a healthy balance but what is deemed necessary to make change.

I salute their astounding resolve to build a business that brings them stability, personal assets, independent income and the support of others to drive change.

Luv ya to bits sisters!

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  1. Happy International Womens Day to you all. You, Shannan, are an inspiration to us all and your wonderful women too.

    Cheers Christine Koblic 🇨🇦

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