Brew for Two

While out on tour this week in the village of Sango, I was asked if I wanted to meet Praxseda’s mother. Of course! I never want to miss an opportunity to meet an elder.

I am escorted to the back of a simple brick building to find these two old gals. Both in their 90’s having a little visit. The one in the middle is Praxseda’s mother. They are far less impressed with meeting me than I am with meeting them.

Turns out that they have been friends for over 70 years while living in the same village in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. After decades of farming, they can be relied on for good quality advice on when to plant and harvest. The elderly however are not relied on for much else, they are not revered figures in their communities. A shame, these two seemed to have a few things to say.

After requesting a picture with them and coaxing a smile out of them, I was told I should buy them some tea. No problem! A small gesture for the pleasure of their company.

But the two of them say, they don’t want tea, they want the local brew…a beer! It was 10 am. Love it. I gladly provide the funds to get them both a beer.




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