Travel Gadget of the Week- Beyond the Swiss Army Knife!

Yes, a Swiss Army knife is a great travel item but let’s explore beyond that quintessential folding tool …

There is almost as much interest in my project as there is in what I pack with me when I come to Africa. And I like talking about all the cool items you can get almost as much, too.

Maybe you will find something as useful as I do for your next adventure.

I love a good gadget! That fascination keeps me searching for a new item to make travel more enjoyable. Faster through line-ups, more productive, less to pack, safer, or just plain fun. I will share a few of the gadgets over the coming weeks.

img_0349First up, my new Pacsafe Security Backpack – the anti-purse snatching technology is pretty clever in this one. They make a whole line of purses and bags with similar features. (Amazon might be a start of their US site Pacsafe )

This is on its maiden voyage to Africa and has not disappointed me yet.

Surprisingly lighweight, ergonomically built it is a winner for being just a day pack. I used it for a two day safari with all that was needed from a swimsuit to camera equipment. Carry on or a daypack, it is roomy and comfortable.

It gets better however with the built in security features:

  • wire mesh built into the bottom and sides to prevent a walk-by attempt to steal the contents by slashing the bag with a knife. This really does happen in the streets or crowded places, a roommate brought home a slashed purse once. It takes two or more thefts, a quick nudge that involves making the slash followed by a second person taking the contents.
  • Two wire cords in the backpack straps – hidden under the fabric are metal cords that prevent the slash and grab of the whole pack by cutting through the strap. This tends to happen when you put it around a chair or table leg. you are distracted while the pack strap is cut then pulled away.
  • Twist locks on the straps – a two hands needed clip that must be lined up to open the clip on the backpack. Again, it would be difficult to imagine anyone having time to undo this before you noticed.
  • Locking zippers – a very cleaver zipper system brings the zipper toggles to a hidden clip that locks them down. This ensures no one is pulling open zippers to reach inside without you knowing.


  • An Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) stopping inner wallet – I am hearing more about this however don’t know of anyone who has fallen victim to having their bank cards or passport being scanned by a theft which resulted in identify theft or credit card fraud. Supposedly, it can happen at an airport as travelers walk past someone with a device. The inner pocket will block the scanning signal trying to retrieve the details built into your documents or cards.

What is your favourite travel gadget?


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