Ready, Set…Oh Wait!

It is that time again, that time when I start to think beyond the Holiday season to my upcoming trip to Tanzania. It is exciting for me. There is a buzz going on my cellphone as I converse more with Herieth and Vicky who are waiting for me to touchdown at Kilimanjaro International Airport on Jan 10th.

There is a small disaster zone in my spare room as packages start to arrive, malaria pills, a new swim cap, gifts for my African friends. Inventory to sort out. Travel accessories start appearing from gear bags, neck pillows (36 hours door to door of travel makes you love these), a visa to get prepped in my passport.

My mind whirls, I am starting to focus on the project, too. What needs to happen in the three short weeks. This year another women’s group will be started. Our fourth. First to find a group to work with, approach them, train them then if enough funds are available fund their businesses. I am confident we will be prepared for several new businesses to start.

My normally well organized world took a big hit this year. The disaster zone is bigger and more muddlesdthan normal. My father is elderly now and requires more of my time. Lists of his To Do’s have trumped any of mine.

When the thought of leaving something behind comes up, I remember…take your passport, some US cash and a credit card. That is the essentials of life when travelling. Everything else can be bought…at a price!

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