Hau Jambo (How Jam-bow – Hello Everyone), The fan is whirling and oscillating away (Oscillating, that is a such a cool word! How come people don’t oscillate? We can gyrate…I think the jet lag is getting to me). I am on the ground in Moshi, Tanzania, unpacking, organizing donations, luggage, Internet, food and schedules for […]

It is that time again, that time when I start to think beyond the Holiday season to my upcoming trip to Tanzania. It is exciting for me. There is a buzz going on my cellphone as I converse more with Herieth and Vicky who are waiting for me to touchdown at Kilimanjaro International Airport on […]


It’s Oliver, not Olive or Olivia. I was corrected more than once when I mispronounced her name. Oliver Danieli Urasa to be perfectly clear. A 55 year old mother to five children with two grandchildren. She joined us in 2014 as part of Group C. She told us she was a widow. One of the […]

This trip more than any other taught me about the strong ties these people have with maize (corn). Rough timber silos were filled with dried husks and stalks that had turned a pale brown from the sun. Every home on the hillside had one. I have not paid much attention to them in the past, […]

Thanks for your growing interest in The Bridge to Africa Project. Over the last several years there has been an ever increasing number of people interested in staying informed and entertained through the project newsletter called the Africa Chronicles. You asked for it…while, some of you did! That list of fine folks like you who […]